This Event raised $4500 towards NEXT-STEP HOUSING for Chembe!
Thanks to everyone who ordered and came out to the event!
Stay tuned on the progress of the project by receiving our updates.





Chembe Children’s Home cares for 25 at risk and vulnerable kids ages 7-17. (and may receive other children in crisis on a case by case basis)  Before coming to live at Chembe, these kids had very few options in life and were destined to continue in the cycle of poverty.  Chembe provides a safe loving home environment with food, shelter, clothing and education.

Over the next year some of the kids will begin to “age-out” of the home before they complete high school or trade school leaving them once again without safe healthy alternatives for housing.  Over the next 9-12 months we will be building a Next Step Home on a piece of property that is adjacent to the current home and will be connected by a gate. This Next Step Home will be helping young men and women learn valuable life skills as they finish school and transition into adulthood with the benefit and security and support of a loving community.  The current estimated cost of the security wall and 2 room dormitory style home that will house up to 12 is $45,000. 

Our initial goal with That’s Amore 2020 is to begin clearing the land, build a wall, and the foundation.

All Proceeds and Donations from That's Amore 2020 will go to Chembe's Next Step Housing



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